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Tap into how gutsy business leaders, genius innovators and visionary risk takers of travel, tourism and hospitality are surviving and succeeding in a turbulent world. We inspire you to look over the fence and see how others are doing it.

“Incredible timing for this thoughtful, well-crafted book on the extraordinary people shaping the future of hospitality in new and innovative ways.”

Chip Rogers – President and CEO  at AHLA (American Hotel Lodging Association)


If you’re a travel, tourism or hospitality professional, or a retailer of any other service business, your world has probably been turned upside down and your business is facing some of the biggest challenges in living memory. You are not alone. Now, more than ever before, you need insight, intelligence, and a little bit of inspiration.  

The Adapters gets you up close and personal with some of the most respected leaders, operators, lawyers, analysts, academics, journalists, financiers and innovators in travel, tourism, and hospitality today.   

We also look over the fence at other industries such as retail, online and digital commerce, and others, along with technology trends in travel and property tech. 

Watch, listen and read as we share stories from Gutsy Genius Thinkers (GGT) and hear their tips for success, explain how they manage their world, think about their problems, strengthen their connections with their communities, customers and teams, and demonstrate how they are adapting and innovating in difficult times.

Purchase The Adapters book and get access to an exclusive and ever-growing resource of digital content – essential viewing, reading and listening for anyone in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.


Insightful video interviews and in-depth conversations with Gutsy Genius Thinkers


A library of audio podcasts of the individual interviews with each Adapter



Snippets, In-depth GGT profiles as well as long form interviews 

“In today’s hyper-dynamic world, understanding how to manage change has become critical. Distilling the collective wisdom of a host of industry leaders, The Adapters provide invaluable insights into current developments and their implications for our sector. A must-read for anyone wanting to understand the future of hospitality, travel or service industries.”

Peter O’Connor – Chaired Professor of Digital Disruption, Essec Business School


You asked for it and we delivered – quick, bite-sized news updates on what’s happening in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality – regular Quick Hit and Extended vodcasts with the Adapters who are making waves in the sector; reports and interviews from industry events; and Adapters TechX where we explore the future and present of technology in the TTH sector.


“When disaster strikes, improvising can get you out of a jam, but it is not sustainable forever. Sean and Glenn dive headfirst into the big ideas that are reshaping the hospitality industry in the age of COVID and how hoteliers can approach change with greater flexibility and an open mind.”

Brian Patel – Chairman, AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association)


Hear their stories and experiences of failure, learning and success. Gain deep understanding of how leaders and innovators are thinking and acting in times of growth and in challenging times.

Crack the code of the skills, behaviours and characteristics that leaders and brands require to achieve and excel in travel and hospitality. Learn how The Adapters are getting closer to their customers developing a better understanding of their needs, demands and attitudes. 

No marketing spiels or sales pitches – just great conversation, kick-ass opinion, radical thinking and positive outlooks.